Endpoint Protection

How do we protect your endpoints against cyber attacks?

  • We work with leading endpoint solution providers such as Symantec, McAfee, and Carbon Black to ensure your endpoints are protected.
  • Identify and evaluate problem areas and weaknesses, evaluate potential solutions.
  • Use the MITRE attack matrix, an open source tool that provides insights into attacker techniques and technologies, or another security framework to develop and deploy a cyber security strategy.
  • Manage your devices. Configure and maintain devices operating in accordance with security policies and best practices.
  • Leverage machine learning and analytics. Use machine learning and analytics to accelerate cyber attack remediation, restrict or block dangerous behaviors and orchestrate and update a response strategy.
  • Harden your endpoints. Identify, install and configure endpoint security solutions, as well as establish baseline readings.
  • Improve endpoint detection and response. Automatically feed endpoint threat intelligence into incident detection and response systems; this reduces the time to detect, respond to and remediate cyber attacks.

We manage your devices using automated techniques that can identify an infection or possible infection and can move that device into a segmented or restricted network zone. We can setup workflows to generate automatic tickets to our/your helpdesk to triage the issue.

We harden endpoints using the latest controls available for your device’s operating system. Controls are tested and deployed across the entire enterprise and can also be customized for specific sites or groups.

We detect the threat and can remediate it before it spreads across the network.

Are you ready to secure your endpoints from cyber attacks?